Our Mission

The Greater Lake City Alliance works to improve the quality of life for every resident within the greater Lake City, South Carolina, community by facilitating investment and job growth, assisting in the growth and development of business concerns, marketing, planning and promoting infrastructure improvements, coordinating and managing economic and community development projects, collecting and providing research related to economic development and community activities, and coordinating with others dedicated to promoting economic and community development, thereby eliminating blight, lessening the burdens of government, and combatting community deterioration. To achieve its charitable purposes and mission, The Greater Lake City Alliance will seek to enhance economic opportunity and promote community physical revitalization through, among other programs, public infrastructure, parks, tourism, health, human services, marketing, business lending and incentives, education, arts, civic affairs, and the conservation, preservation, and promotion of cultural, historical, and environmental resources.

Current Project

McAllister Street Apartments

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